"Favourite 2017" Small Stories - #6 Photos and Memories of Mr Pibb

Four days remaining until 2018, one photo per day with a small story of a 2017 photography moment that touched me with it's beauty or humour. Here is #6.


This is a story about loving and losing. The only certainties in life being death and taxes. This pug, Mr. Pibb, had been with this family for 17 years and had a long list of old man problems which were indicating the end of his days. I was asked to take family photos so they would have photos of their beloved pub, their baby, once he was no longer here. A quiet walk in a treed area took a lot out of this guy but the results were beautiful. Sadly Mr. Pibb passed on two months after our photoshoot but now there aren’t just memories of this sweet pug they shared their home with for so many years, there are photos too. Photos and memories to last a lifetime.

Mr. Pibb, age 17

Carey & Mr. Pibb

"Favourite 2017" Small Stories - #5 Dancing in the Water

5 days remaining until 2018, one photo per day with a small story of a 2017 photography moment that touched me with it's beauty or humour. Here is #5.

I was asked to take photos of Mia dancing and the idea came about to do it on the beach. I was ECSTATIC because I love photographing people do what they are passionate about and I love being on the beach. The weather totally cooperated and we had this beautiful afternoon with sun, +25'c, and just a slight breeze. We were at a beach at Candle Lake where the water stays shallow for the longest time so you can walk out about a mile and not even have the water reach your knees. We took a few posed shots and then I suggested we put on some music for Mia to dance to. She chose a song and she just came alive. She was in her own world dancing so lightly in the water, the sun beating down on her face, and this gorgeous nature surrounding us. The few people lounging on the beach that day were really treated to something special if they caught a glimpse of her dancing.

Do you have a young dancer, musician, or sportsman in your life? I would love to do many more youth activity portraits in 2018 so let's have a chat!

Dancing in the Water

"Favourite 2017" Small Stories - #4 Marvelled by the Moon

9 days remaining until 2018, one photo per day with a small story of a 2017 photography moment that touched me with it’s beauty or humour. Here is #4.

The two girls and their parents were running around the playground in +35’C heat (thank god for the slight breeze…), bouncing from swing, to slide, to monkey bar, and back. Suddenly Claire stopped in her tracks and stared at the sky. What caught her attention? The moon. To see the awe of a two year old, curious and captivated by the beautiful moon. I am always intrigued by what intrigues two year olds, and here it was the simple enjoyment she had from staring at the sky. Something, I’m afraid, we adults tend to do too seldom these days - pause and just stare at the sky…

Kids Book Tip: "Bringing Down the Moon" by Jonathan Emmett has been a family favourite for kids in love with the moon.

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Marvelled by the Moon

"Favourite 2017" Small Stories - #3 That's My Man

10 days remaining until 2018, one photo per day with a small story of a 2017 photography moment that touched me with it’s beauty or humour. Here is #3.

This, is my man. My BFF, main squeeze, butter to my bread, one and only. An elderly woman once called him “twinkleoogjes” or ‘twinkle eyes’ because of the youthful mischief and spunk you can see twinkle in his eyes. When I took this photo we were on a family vacation and he was doing his best to create a splash higher than our brother-in-law. You know those random moments when you’re reminded of how much you love someone? Ya, this was one of those moments for me. Canon bombs don’t make me go weak in the knees, it was watching him throw so much determination and weight into that jump with the same excited anticipation I can imagine him having as a boy.

That's my man...

"Favourite 2017" Small Stories - #2 Bridesmaids' Fight 'til the End

11 days remaining until 2018, one photo per day with a small story of a 2017 photography moment that touched me with it's beauty or humour. Here is #2:

There is a reason why I wear waterproof mascara to weddings, because whether it's tears over a sentimental moment of deep love, or tears of laughter, water works are bound to happen to me at a wedding. In the case of this particular wedding from October, it was tears of laughter.  

The bridesmaids had kept me laughing all day with the jokes and constant twerking, but the bouquet toss really took the cake. These girls meant business. The bouquet flies through the air, leaving the bride's hands. Two girls jump for it, driven by competitiveness and the promise that the one who catches the bouquet is next to get married. Four hands grab onto that bouquet like nobody's business. There was no such thing as being polite, or "ladylike", this was a fight til the end. The DJ offered to start taking bets on who would 'win'. When the bouquet tore in two, a tie was declared and the room exploded in laughter. Long live wedding traditions...

Getting married or know someone who is? Send me a note because I would love to be part of that special day!

Bridesmaids' Fight 'til the End...

"Favourite 2017" Small Stories - #1 Jazzy the Tree

As a kid I kept a list of my favourite things. I liked how reading it would always put me in a good mood and it was fun to continuously add to the list.  "Red hair", "the familiar smell of a swimming pool" (I swam a lot), "the feel of rocking in a floating boat"...  Going online these days isn't always the most enjoyable experience.  The news sites are full of stories that make you want to scream, and social media is an intricate web where you have to sort through images of Pinterest-perfect lives to find the gems your closest friends or that your most interesting muses post.  

So in rounding off 2017, I want to share some "favourite 2017" small stories of fun that I hope will make at least a few people smile during their online reading.  The real treasure of photography is being welcome into the lives of the people you photograph, and these are some people or stories that touched me by the beauty of human nature.

12 days until 2018, one photo per day of a 2017 photography moment, beautiful or funny.  So in no particular order of preference, let's get started!

Meet Jazzy.  One day this girl is going to rule the world.  Her passion and energy is incredible, and she is usually running around wild and free.  During a documentary family session with Jazzy's family, we were on a walk through the river valley when suddenly Jazzy decides she's a tree.  The same crazy busy girl, suddenly has stood upon a post with her eyes closed, and she says she's a tree.  But she's not just saying it, she's FEELING it, breathing it, and was so still like she was really assuming the existence of a tree.  The butterflies on her dress just added to the tree moment.  Standing there, watching her, was like time was put on hold for everyone to soak up the moment.

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Jazzy the Tree, September 2017

Loving Without Boundaries

Many of my favourite childhood memories were made while camping with my sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents at a small lake in Saskatchewan. We'd swim in the cool lake water, rain or shine. We'd ride with grandma on the golf cart to get ice cream at the clubhouse. We'd pick cattails and try to trick the little kids by covering them with ketchup in a hotdog bun. Life was simple and perfect. Photographing another extended family at their special lake this summer was nostalgic and wonderful. It was also a beautiful thing to see how an extended family could blend so well, communal parent so effortlessly, and love without boundaries.

"Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims, and rambling conversations. Life is about enjoying every minute you have and creating wonderful memories simply because it feels good to be alive. Live life beautifully. It’s your greatest legacy." -- unknown

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Hold Tightly Those Who You Love

My sister was in Vegas on the strip just a couple weeks ago.  My husband and I can sometimes be found on Jasper Ave here in Edmonton around midnight after a late supper or drinks with friends.  Friends of ours were in Barcelona, on Las Ramblas, the same moment of the attack in August.  Thankfully they are safe, my sister is safe, we are safe…  But that’s not how everyone’s story ended.  What is wrong with this world when senseless things like this keep happening?!  Hold tightly those who you love.

Meet the McLeans

Meet the McLeans family! These guys left me with such a warm and fuzzy feeling. The most kind-hearted kids with rockin’ dance moves and parents who get in on the fun.

There is a lot of crap going on in the world right now… but behind closed doors in the comforts of home, there are so many beautiful moments. Family photojournalism is where my heart is, and it has been such an exciting summer to see more and more families choosing for a documentary session that is not only easygoing and fun, but also shows the personalities of all the most incredible people in their life and they joy they share together. 

Without further ado, here is a day in the life with the McLeans…