You feel like one of the lucky ones, being part of a family that loves having crazy fun together.  You wish time would just slow down long enough for you to snatch that chocolate covered smile and store it away so you can always remember.  Or maybe you see life with a fabulous sense of humour and realize that it isn't all pretty roses and squeaky clean kids and that there's no need to show it like that.

For you, family photography is more than just a beautiful picture of everyone sitting together.  You want to see personality and emotion, photos that are more art than picture-perfect snapshots, and above all - family photos that are unique and 100% you.  Photos of your memories and where they take place: the home you raise your kids in, how every Saturday starts with making pancakes together, how your biggest laughs are in the backyard playing soccer and having water fights.  You want to grasp those times and have them reflected in art that you will literally be able to look at forever, long after memories fade and kids grow up.  This, is a "Day in the Life".

"Day in the Life"

Immersing myself into your family, consider me a visiting relative on holiday with her camera.  Your kids want to go puddle jumping?  I'll have my rubber boots ready.  Pillow fight at bedtime?  Let the feathers fly.  Quiet coffee on the deck?  I won't disturb your peace.  I am there to document your family's life and love.

Family sessions are in-home and/or outdoors, and are sessions of 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours.  

When you look at your pictures, you will see the treasured artifacts of your actual life: the dog barking and chasing your diaper-clad toddler around the yard, the stubborn pout and refusal to eat broccoli at dinner time, and the warm bedtime snuggles and story time.  

Interested in talking more?  Send me a note, I'd love to hear from you! 


What my clients have said...

Our photos are one of my favourite possessions. Not only do they depict our family’s idiosyncrasies and ‘inside jokes’, they are truly original to our little family. Compared to quite a few of my friends that use the same photographer here in the city and all have the same props, poses and backgrounds in their photos, ours are original and mean something special to just the 4 of us. They are displayed in our front room and when the hustle and bustle of life gets in the way, I stop to smile at them and am reminded of the simple things, and reassure they are the best things. We will continue doing DITL sessions annually (or as close to as we can). Thank you for capturing the love our family has in such a natural way, you are amazing.
— Robin - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
We are so in LOVE with these pictures, they give me happy tears. I always knew this type of photography was important, but having my own session totally CEMENTS that idea in my head. These images ARE MY FAMILY - and nothing else I have can accurately capture that!
— Amanda - Red Deer, Alberta
The slideshow is incredible and you definitely captured our family in such a beautiful and honest light. I am so glad we did this with you!  You have such talent! So many priceless shots.  I wish I could look at them all day long! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
— Anneliese - Edmonton, Alberta

"There is no angry way to say bubbles" -- Unknown

... you know you tried.