There are times when you want to step away from a selfie and finally have a great portrait taken.  Portraits to show your passion for your hobby?  Portraits to take your website or blog from lacklustre to alluring?  Portraits to up the ante on your dating profile?  As your portrait photographer, I embrace authentic, honest portraits in your natural environment to communicate not just your image, but your genuine self.  

If you have the jitters about getting your own portrait taken, but know that it's something you really want for personal or professional reasons, I've often been told that I have a calming aura and an easygoing personality - I'll walk you through it and make sure you have fun along the way! 

"Always wear your invisible crown" -- Lilly Pulitzer

Your Portrait

After spending time together talking about the purpose of the photoshoot, we’ll determine what you want to reveal in your portraits and together, we'll determine the best place to do your portrait shoot.  I will communicate who you are, from a location like a coffee shop or dog park to an activity like playing the guitar or practicing yoga.  Whatever you want to communicate about yourself, I will creatively capture it.  Unsure about what you want other than to know you need new photos?  I'm great at brainstorming and together we will put together a plan to get you stunning images.


Your Child's Portrait

Do you have a child who loves to dance?  Perhaps an athletic child who has found their 'thing'?  My excitement for creative, active, portraits grows each day and I would love to photograph your talented child!  (Even if they are only talented in the eyes of someone who loves them :)  

I think there is nothing more special than being drawn into the world of someone doing what they are passionate about.  I will attend your child's swim meet, their baseball game, their gymnastics competition, or have them dance or ride somewhere out in a field, a lake, or city street - wherever suits their personality.  Tired of being in the studio or only having school portraits to look at?  Book a Creative Portrait today.


Interested in talking more?  Send me a note, I'd love to hear from you! 

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Omg Paula! These photos are beyond amazing. I cried when I saw the ones of Mia! You have an amazing talent. I will be ordering the works! How will I ever choose for our walls? Thanks soooooo much!
— Pattie L., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan